2P11 Git

Cross Platform 2048

forgetIt Git

Cross Platform Password Manager, using GTK-3.0, crypto++.

i3theme Git

A python i3wm theme manager

istic-openstack Git

Projet Master 2

Learning Git

Small programmation exercises.

open-klm Git

A java GUI for Keyboard Light Manager of msi (or more maybe) working on Linux.

PiegOS Git

Simple noyaux 32 bits en C.

routage-optimiste Git

Projet master 1 mettant en évidence les avantages du routage opportuniste.

AutonomousBox Bitbucket

2016 Internship Project by DIENG Adama and GUEGAN Loic.

loicguegan.fr Bitbucket

Personal website.

cuisinerama974 Bitbucket

Website made for cuisinerama974 company located in Reunion Island. You can find it to : http://cuisinerama974.com